Department of Preschool and Primary Education

The purpose of the department is in the context of strengthening global and integration processes within the framework of the updated content of education, to widely apply advanced technologies, active forms of education, innovative planning of educational, methodological, educational, scientific work, training of competitive educators and primary school teachers.

Tasks of the department:

- improving the quality of the organization of lectures, practical classes and independent work of students with a teacher, improve the work on the application of new forms of education;

- to improve the work of students on participation in republican Olympiads and competitions;

- to intensify the work of academic mobility of teachers and students, to expand the international communication of the department;

- writing a scientific project by scientists of the department, increasing the level of foreign publications;

- to intensify the work to increase the scientific potential of the teaching staff;

- to organize work on passing the institutional accreditation of specialties in the department at a high level;

- to improve the quality of vocational guidance work, to open doctoral studies in the educational program "Pedagogy and methods of primary education."

Main directions of activity:

- Educational and methodical;

- Scientific;


Address: Student 1B, building 7, room 503

Phone: 50-53-56

Fax: 51-42-66

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