Educational programs of pedagogy and psychology

Head of the Educational programs of pedagogy and psychology Elmira Kairlievna Abdiraimova Senior Lecturer, Master. 

Head of educational programs in pedagogy and psychology

 Abdiraimova Elmira Kairliyevna, Senior Lecturer, Master's Degree

Address: Studencheskaya 4, 7 building, 223 Office

Phone: 50-53-46

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 The Department of Pedagogy and Psychology is a structural subdivision of the Pedagogical Faculty. EP of Pedagogy and Psychology was founded in 2003. EP of Pedagogy and Psychology is a graduating graduating subsequent educational programs on full-time education:

1.6B01 Pedagogical Sciences

6B011 Training of specialists in pedagogy and psychology

6B01101-Pedagogy and Psychology

2.6B01 Pedagogical Sciences

6B01801 Training of specialists in social pedagogy

6B01802 Social pedagogy and pedagogical assistant

3.6B03 Social Sciences

6B03105 Psychology

 4.7M01 Pedagogical Sciences

7M011 Pedagogy and Psychology

7M01109 Pedagogy and Psychology

5.7M01 Pedagogical Sciences

7M011 Pedagogy and Psychology

7M01108 Pedagogy and Psychology (Social Pedagogy RF)

 6.7M03 Social Sciences

7M03104 Psychology

There are 10 teachers (10 full-time and 4 part-time) working at the EP, 4 of them are Ph. 2 Ph. D., 2 senior lecturers-master, 2 lecturers-master.

Purpose, objectives and principles of the EP:

The most significant challenges for the EP are:

1) formation in the region of a competitive environment of universities implementing specialized educational programs;

2) persisting demographic trends of low number of school graduates entering higher education programs;

3) increasing requirements to the results of research and innovation activities.

3) increasing requirements to the results of research and innovation activities.

The aim of the educational program is to ensure a leading position in the region in training in the direction of «Pedagogical Education»: «Pedagogy and Psychology», «Social Pedagogy» on the basis of modern educational technologies, networking, academic mobility, actualization of scientific potential, monitoring of the market of educational services and requests of stakeholders. We define the main principles of the educational program as:

1) The principle of openness. It assumes availability of information about the educational program and projects of the educational program in social networks, prompt feedback on the basis of distance technologies and web – opportunities, the system of open interaction of the teaching staff of the educational program with students, employers and applicants.

2) Principle of accessibility. Providing students with a wide range of additional educational services and development opportunities as a necessary component of successful professional self-realization and competitiveness;

3) Principle of interaction. Development of interrelations with educational organizations of all levels, innovative enterprises and drivers of regional development, private organizations operating in the market of educational services.

In order to realize the goal, the following main activities have been defined: improvement and development of educational activities; improvement and development of research activities; development of human resources; improvement of material and technical base; improvement of management system.

We also have the honor to offer assistance to our students with special needs in academic matters, which includes such a center as the Center for Inclusion.

I invite you to explore the web page of our education program and perhaps you will find your place in our team.