"National values are the foundation of education"

On the 27th of March 2024, within the framework of the celebration of national values ​​of the pedagogical faculty, "Where is the national flag - where is it going?" Atty "Kazaky IQ" intellectuals were brainstormed. Sharana, our student of Aknur opened the door with a beautiful song called "Traditions of Kazakhs - Moon". On behalf of the program "Kazakh girls" to the game, education of preschool and primary school pedagogy, dayau bilim of elementary military training and physical education teachers, I receive psychology and education for students named "Sportsmen" on behalf of the program "Sportsmen". Participating garden for students. The game consisted of 5 periods. The first is introduction, each group should introduce their specialty and the name of the group. The second stage was called embossing, that is, carving 5 different designs on felt paper and explaining their meaning.

The next stage was called the Magic Yurt, where you can find Kazakh customs and traditions, solve proverbs in the form of rebuses, and discover the meaning of phrases. The fourth stage was called Do you know, in this stage the forgotten Kazakh dishes were shown and the preparation method was explained. At the last stage, the groups were given the opportunity to depict the type of ritual and show it in the form of a scene. At the end of the game, the judges gave their fair grades and awarded diplomas to the groups that won the most points. The 1st place was won by the group "Kazakh girls" of the pedagogy of preschool and primary school education program. The 2nd place was taken by the "Zhanserik" group of the educational program of pedagogy and psychology, and the 3rd place was taken by the "Sportschylar" group of the educational program of primary military training and training of physical education teachers.