"Pedagogy and methodology of primary education"

The final conference of the practice "Try teaching" for the 3rd year students of the educational program "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education"


 3rd year students of the educational program "Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education" (Pimno-31, Pimno-35) 01.04.2024-05.04.2024 during the period of time he passed the "Try teaching" practice from schools №46, №45, GEN, №50, №19, №22. G.E. Tlepbergenova, a teacher of the "Pedagogy of Preschool and Primary Education" BBB, was approved as a methodologist.

The purpose of practice is to comprehensively develop future teachers, to improve professional qualifications in practice and to form subject competencies necessary for working as a teacher (primary school teacher, subject teacher, assistant/supervisor of the class leader). The practice of "trying to give a lesson" plays a big and important role in the formation of professional qualifications and skills of future specialists, in the professional formation of future teachers. Students' theoretical knowledge is deepened, expanded, and strengthened during practice. Professional skills and professional-personal abilities of students are formed, pedagogical thinking, creative activity and independence are developed. Practice was conducted for one month. The 1st week of practice was devoted to conducting preparatory work, monitoring the work of the teacher and students in the assigned class. Get acquainted with programs of all subjects taught in primary school. In cooperation with the class teacher and practice leader, determines the changes in the plans of the 3rd term for each subject. Creates a plan of educational work. The intern was obliged to conduct at least two extracurricular work or educational activities. All work of the intern should be reflected in the pedagogical observation diary. In the diary, all the work performed by the intern is recorded and the grades are given. After the internship, a final conference was organized for the students, and all internship documents were collected and handed over. The practice documents were assigned to Plato according to the stated requirements, and the appropriate grades for all of them.