Chess tournament

On October 26, an exciting chess tournament was held among students of different faculties in the Sports Palace. Student energy merges with love for the game. A unique competition that brings together academic diversity.

The importance of holding the tournament

Holding a chess tournament among students brings many benefits. Firstly, it stimulates the development of mental abilities such as logical thinking, strategic planning and concentration. Secondly, such events promote socialization, strengthening friendship and team spirit. In addition, chess teaches analysis and decision-making under limited time. These skills will be useful to students in their studies and future professional activities.

In a stubborn struggle, the students of the faculties distributed their places:

1st place: Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

2nd place: Faculty of Philology.

3rd place: Faculty of Natural Geography

This chess tournament was a great event, demonstrating not only the high level of intellectual abilities of the participants, but also their strategic thinking and analytical ability. Students from different faculties brought to life a real competition of minds. This meeting contributed to the development of strategic thinking skills, strengthening friendship and supporting mutual understanding between students of different educational fields. Thanks to the tournament, chess has become not only a game, but also a means of developing important qualities necessary in studies and professional activities.