"National values - the basis of Education"

 The event of national sports games "Nauryz -2024" among students of the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisov within the framework of the project "National values - the basis of Education".

The competition was held from March 14 to 18, 2024 at 14:00.

Venue: Uralsk, Palace of sports named after M. Utemisov WKU.

The teams were in uniform national costumes.

Goals and objectives

  Promotion and development of National Sports;

  Involving young people in sports and promoting their health;

  Promotion of a healthy lifestyle;

  Modernization of the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people, strengthening the spiritual values of Kazakhstan as a whole.

The asyk ATU game started at 14: 00.

Asyk ATU is a popular Kazakh national game, the essence of which is to knock down one or more ASAS in a row from a certain distance. They become the property of the player who knocked them down.

 The hand-to-hand combat game started at 14:00.

Armsport-hand – to – hand with its own rules, which are held at a special table B. "arm wrestling" - translated from English "arm" - hand," wrestling " - means difficult struggle.

The darts game started at 14: 00.

Darts are a series of related games in which players throw darts at a round target hung on the wall. Although different objects and rules were used in the past, nowadays the term "darts" usually refers to a standardized game with a specific target design and rules.

The tug of war started at 14:00.

"Arkan Tartu" ("Arkan Tartu") is a regular Kazakh national game in which players are divided into two teams. A rope is placed in the center of the square, the middle of the rope is marked with a ribbon, passed along a line below the middle of the rope.

The teams and participants who took I-III places were awarded diplomas of the corresponding degree at 16:00.

The 1st place in tug of war was taken by the Faculty of natural geography,

2nd place Faculty of Pedagogy

3rd place Faculty of Physics and Mathematics