Seminar dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

November 27 ЗКУ им. М. Utemisova, pedagogical faculty, curators of groups of departments of preschool and primary education Tapaeva Zh.T., Zh.Zh. Nabieva, O.A. Panishcheva organized a seminar dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. , beloved President ». The purpose of the round table was an exchange of views on the far-sighted policy of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev and his achievements in achieving high goals, which strengthened our country, strengthened our state, recognized our people and the world. To show young people that the President is a multifaceted gifted, strong person, to train young people who think about the future of the country, to work for people, to have a national consciousness, legal culture, to cultivate, to cultivate and to be active countries. During the event, the dean of the pedagogical faculty Ergalieva GA recognized the students. and the head of the education department Eshimova Zh.E. Dilnaz Urazbekova, a student of the group "PiMNO-11", Daulen Nurzhanov, a student of the group "FKS-11", Timurkhan Shandaev, a student of the group "SPS-11" read a poem on "My Kazakhstan" and showed a video on "Yelin suygen Elbasy" . Scientific librarian SS Nurgalieva made a bibliographic review on the topic "Yelin suygen, elli suygen Elbasy", Master's Department "History of the Republic of Kazakhstan" AB Garifullina on the topic "Bright sides of the life of the President", "Preschool and primary education" Master-teacher Nabieva Zh.Zh. made a report on "Support of youth - the basis of stability and sustainable development", a researcher of the Institute "Spiritual Revival" Shaikhiev TT made a report on "The role of the First President of Kazakhstan in the formation of the statehood of Kazakhstan." At the end of the event, a student of the group "PiMNO-22" Latysheva Anna with warm words, a student of the group PiP-21 Olzhagali Arai with a beautiful song "Kazakhstan".