Online lecture of information and explanatory work among 1st year students of the pedagogical faculty of the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisov, aimed at preventing religious extremism and terrorism

14 Oct among 1st year students of the faculty of West Kazakhstan University.M. Utemisov was conducted online outreach for the prevention of religious extremism and terrorism, the formation of consciousness that meets the traditional cultural values of the people of Kazakhstan, explanation of the state policy in the religious sphere. During the meeting, the specialist-theologian of the Center for Information and Analytical Work and work with young People of Moscow Uralska Orazbek Dzhambulovich Amreev focused on questions about terrorist attacks and interreligious conflicts taking place in the modern world, as well as how to avoid non-traditional religious movements at the present time, about their harm to society, spoke about various terrorist attacks taking place in society, calling on young people to properly navigate and At the end of the meeting, students exchanged questions and answers.

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