5В010100 – Pre-school education and upbringing


Training of qualified specialists in the field of preschool education who are capable of scientific and pedagogical activities, have critical thinking, organizational skills, significant for pedagogical activities, research skills, information and analytical activities.

The graduate is awarded the academic degree "bachelor of education" according to the educational program - " pre-School education and upbringing»

Key principle:

* Meets international standards: subject descriptors, training cycle and level (for example, Dublin descriptors, accreditation Agency requirements, and expectations of strategic partners);

* Focused on the labor market and consumers;

* Based on the principle of constructive consistency and compliance: the graduate's model, goals, planned learning outcomes, methods of evaluation and teaching;

* Integrated with the latest research and innovations in professional activities.

The qualification model of the graduate

A graduate of the educational program 6B012 training of educators "Preschool education and upbringing" is methodically and psychologically prepared for changes in the type and nature of their professional activities;

- Has the basics of knowledge in their field of activity, initiative and activity, allowing you to adapt to the changing requirements of the labor market and technology;

- Is able to master new provisions and approaches for updated education, innovative teaching methods, using modern information technologies;

- Has the skills of research activities, conducting methodological experiments, methods of studying the personal and cognitive spheres of preschoolers in order to develop potential opportunities;

- Uses individual and differentiated approaches through the implementation of personal-oriented education and inclusive learning.