Career guidance

Branches of the Department


With the participation of the teaching staff, a work plan was developed for working with branches of the Department for September 2019-2020 academic year, and a list of business trips for career guidance to schools in the region and the city was also compiled. The forms and methods of holding events in the branches of the Department were determined, and responsible teachers were appointed. The plan of work with branches of the Department was approved at a meeting of the Department and the faculty's educational and methodological Council.

On October 14, 2019, teachers of the Department of pedagogy and psychology A. Dauletova and B. N. Tulegenova held a round table on "career orientation, investing in the future" for grades 9-10 at the khiuaz Dospanov secondary school No. 30.

The purpose of the round table is to introduce students to the types of professions, discuss the specifics of each specialty, share the reasons for choosing a profession, and inform graduates about the specialties prepared by the Department. We plan to work with these students in the future.

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In the period of October 11-18, 2019, associate Professor of the Department of pedagogy and psychology B. A. Moldagaliev visited schools No. 4, No. 39. Uralsk and conducted propaganda work. He noted that the specialties prepared by the Department are in demand today, and our graduates are employed in the labor market.

On November 6, 2019, senior lecturer of the Department Kalakhanova S. B. conducted a career guidance survey with graduates of school No. 20. Uralsk's.

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In General, the questions received by students can be classified as follows: the total score for the grant of a degree, the cost of education, especially participation in the contest, the deadline and required documents, how and when to pass creative exams.

Due to the transition of students to distance learning in March 2020, meetings with future graduates of the school to conduct career guidance work became impossible.

Realizing that this issue requires a modern solution, teachers of the Department held online meetings via instagram, WhatsApp, and email, the main purpose of such online events is to provide future students with the most useful and accurate information about the University. The main questions asked are: admission conditions, study directions, living conditions in dormitories, tuition fees, what educational programs at universities, how many points are required for admission, state grants and their number, terms and conditions for applying, what benefits and discounts are offered in General,

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In April, teachers of the Department kenzhegalieva A. Zh. and Kalakhanova S. B. held a consultation in the secondary school No. 47 named after H.Dospanova. Information was provided on the type, features, and significance of the specialty in the biology-geography profile

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