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Заключительный отчет производственной практики 20-21гг

Отчет педагогической практики

28.01.2019-16.02.2019 students of the 3rd year of the specialty "Pedagogy and psychology" have passed social and pedagogical practice. Students have passed pedagogical practice in pedagogical College of Zh. Dosmukhamedov and in regional special boarding school-a complex for children with hearing and speech disorders. As a Methodist approved Begalieva G. G., S. B. and Kalahanova Kuldasheva N. From.

At the end of the pedagogical practice, a final conference was held with the participation of methodologists and students, the students prepared the necessary documents, the results of the practice were summed up.

From each school there was a student with a report on practice. During the practice, students were introduced to the types of psychodiagnostic techniques, psycho-correction works, educational hours that they spent in practice. Students were noted difficulties in pedagogical practice.

Final reports and research works of students were listened to, the report of the methodologist was heard, in the conclusion all students of the 3rd course were estimated.

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